“Jonathan Ramirez is not only a great friend but a coach who truly cares and wants what’s best for every athlete he encounters! He believed in me when no one did and helped me achieve one of my lifelong goals of playing basketball overseas professionally! If you want results and someone who truly cares about you first, Jonathan Ramirez is the right person to help you achieve yours goals.”


Bobby Hunter - Illinois State University


“Coach Jonathan Ramirez had a huge impact on my career. He is the main reason on why I was able to play at the next level. He gave me the tools to be successful in college basketball and life. Coach Ramirez has became one of my biggest life mentors. As he has shown me care on and off the court.  This man has changed my life forever and I couldn’t thank him enough.”

Justin Garcia- Multnomah University


“Coach Jonathan Ramirez has made a huge impact in my life both on and off the basketball court. He has taught me lessons that I will take with me the rest of my life. He taught me to not take this game for granted because it can be over in a second. He put into perspective of how short life is and to make the most of it on and off the court. He taught me it’s bigger than basketball which took the pressure off of performing. Not only was he a great coach to me but has become my mentor and has helped me grow as a man! If you want some that will be truthful, caring and challenging to help you make your goals become reality, Coach Jonathan Ramirez is the guy! Thank you for everything you have done for me and continue to do for me!”

Coleson Struhs- Benedictine Mesa University

MT. SAL.jpeg

“Towards the end of my high school career I had no offers with little hope I had left. Until I came across Coach Jonathan Ramirez, he saw something in me that gave me the confidence to continue playing and make dreams a reality as he always says. With the confidence he instilled in me I went on to start my JUCO career and with the advice he told me with working on my body, my mind and skill through the game, that I can land somewhere special. Two years later, I finished my JUCO career and will be continuing to play at San Diego Christian University. Those talks and workouts I had with Coach Jonathan Ramirez was the bridge to help me become the player/man I am today. Nothing is really over til it’s over, as he always says.”

Kevin Sandoval- San Diego Christian College


“Coach Ramirez has been a absolute blessing and a humble reminder that there are great people in the basketball community.  Coach has been a wonderful mentor for our boys. His realistic perspective, vast knowledge, and support for all the kids he coaches makes him beyond great. We are forever thankful for a coach with integrity, passion and love!” -Jesse LeBel (Jaden’s Father)

Jaden LeBel-Foothill Christian Hs (2022)


“Getting to know, work with and compete against Jonathan Ramirez there is an absolute certainty that his guys are prepared, skilled, and tenacious. He demonstrates a level of care that goes beyond the basketball floor and one that young men benefit from immensely. He’s a relentless worker always pushing his players and clients beyond their comfort zones to achieve things they didn’t know were possible. They will become better players and better men, if given the chance to work with Jonathan Ramirez.”

Brendan Rooney-Head Basketball Coach Menlo College

Testimonials: (Coaches_Co-Workers).png

“What can I say about Jonathan Ramirez? As a colleague of Jonathan’s, working as the Head Athletic Trainer- I have three words that would describe him.  True, Genuine, and Ruthless. 

True- because is was always TRUE to his athletes, colleagues, and himself. He never tried to be anything he wasn’t. He treated everyone the exact same and showed everyone the respect. Even when speaking to the Founder and President of the school or a new freshman who is still trying to find their wings. 

Genuine- Like true, he was always a genuine person on and off the court. If anyone, faculty, student or staff needed something- Jonathan was always the first person to raise his arm- and lend a hand. 

Ruthless- WOW! Is this man competitive. In sports I feel like we are all competitive and we all want to win. Yes, sure! But, Jonathan Ramirez... I have never met nor worked with someone who wanted to win and put countless hours of time and energy fixated on the same play or drill until it was absolutely perfect or spent so much time molding and recruiting his perfect team! 

With all of that above- Jonathan was coach of the year in 2018-2019 as the Head coach of a collegiate basketball team. His first year as head coach of a four year university. He gave many student athletes the opportunity to graduate and get a degree. 

Jonathan Ramirez is inspirational human bean and I am proud to call him my family, and friend."

Josh Keoplin’s-Day-Former Head Atheltic Trainer at University of Saint Katherine

Testimonials: (Coaches_Co-Workers).jpeg

“Jonathan is a players coach not only does he know the X’s and O’s, but he’s very personable with his players, he builds players up from the ground makes them into the players that he needs them to be, but better yet the man he wants them to become!!!

As a coach he tells you what you need to hear not what you want to hear he’s upfront and honest with his approach he’s not trying to make money off of you, and his ethics are intact, I’m proud to be associate with Jonathan Ramirez.”

Andre Smith- Head Badketball Coach Scale Academy